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Sensory Evaluation of Olive Oil Certificate Courses

Jun 15, 2015

The essential sensory course for the professional buyer, importer, category manager, producer, or anyone who wants to gain expertise in evaluating olive oil. Sensory, culinary, chemistry and policy experts guide you through a unique tasting and educational odyssey. Attend both courses for the definitive Master experience – more than 100 olive oils from around the world!


UC Master Milling Certificate Course

Oct 01, 2015

Lead by one of the world's top olive oil experts, Leandro Ravetti, this four day course will cover the ins and outs of olive oil milling.


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UC Davis Students Winners of International Competition

Nov 06, 2014

A team of UC Davis students was selected as the winners of the 2014 iGEM competition in Boston on November 3rd for their olive oil biosensor!

"Packaging Influences on Olive Oil Quality" New Report from the UC Davis Olive Center

Aug 20, 2014

"Extra virgin olive oil is a fresh juice extracted from olive fruits. As with other fruit juices, the freshness and flavor quality of olive oil diminish with time, and the rate of deterioration is influenced by packaging type. To maximize shelf stability, the ideal packaging material would prevent light and air penetration, and the oils would be stored in the dark at 16 –18 °C (61 – 64 °F)."

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